How Blú Smart Tools Saves You Time When Installing Extensions

Blú Smart Tools provides the best tools for hair extensions, and artists who utilize these tools are able to work more efficiently and deliver quality services that exceed customer expectations. Whether you need a Smart Plier Pro or a Smart Extension Brush, we have you covered! We understand hair extension services can take quite a bit of time, and that is why our tools help speed up the process for your convenience. Learn about our PrettySmart program today!

In-Class Tools

We offer in-class tools that produce results for clients to make them feel confident about their new style. When you choose Blú Smart Tools, you are helping others, and we are excited for you to enhance your career by shopping our products online today!

Smart Plier Pro

Our hair extension pliers come in three colors: Yellow Gold, Matte Black, and Rose Gold. This tool helps with precision, and it also protects the natural hair by preventing any snagging. 

Smart Extension Brush

Our extension brush is one of our premier accessories, and it is made of organic boar and nylon bristles. What makes this brush unique from others, you might ask? Our extension brush has 30% more boar than other extension brushes you would find. 


If you want a little bit of everything, our Smart Weft Kit and our Essentials Kit are the perfect choices! Both of these kits come with your choice of pliers, and they include multiple accessories for you to choose from. 

At Blú Smart Tools, our products save extension artists time due to their performance capabilities and the quality they promise. If you are interested in our pliers, extension brush, hair extension fusion tool, or any of our other products and accessories, we encourage you to contact us today to learn more!