4 Ways Blu Smart Tools Make Your Salon More Efficient & Save You Time as a Stylist

As a hairstylist, your time is valuable. That's why you need tools that help you work quickly and efficiently. The Blu Smart Tools line of products does just that – it helps you save time in the salon so you can focus on your clients. Keep reading to learn how to make your salon more efficient and productive with Blu Smart Tools today!

A hairstylist using Smart Weft Beads


Our collection of beads is a favorite of most of our clients because stylists love the variety and convenience. These beads come in an assortment of colors and all are ready-to-use, pre-strung, and the loop is prepared, helping you save time and spend more time with your clients.

An image of the Smart Organizing Tray


Having everything you need ready and organized is a vital component of any stylist’s success. Blu Smart Tools, like the Smart Organizing Tray, help you keep all of your tools readily at your fingertips. In a salon, cleanliness is next to godliness, and the more organized your salon appears the more successful it will be.

A hairstylist using the Smart Pliers on a client


Blu Smart products are designed to be strong and reliable, ensuring that you spend less time with broken or damaged tools. Styling equipment is expensive, and you shouldn’t have to replace or repair these items frequently. Our products offer durability and quality that ultimately ensure the efficiency of your salon.

An image of hair extensions on the Smart Organizing Tray


When working with hair extension tools, a stylist must know what to expect every time. Blu Smart Tools provides products that consistently perform to the industry’s high standards. We offer stylists around the country high-quality products that promote your confidence and the confidence of the client in your chair.

Our tools are designed to make your job easier and save you time. Salon efficiency is key to success, and Blu Smart Tools can help you achieve it. Our line of smart hair extension tools was designed to save you time in the salon. Check out our collection of accessories and tools and see how they can help streamline your workflow.